Metaverse platform The Nemesis launches flagship asset as part of first season releases

Metaverse platform The Nemesis launches flagship asset as part of first season releases

Many look to the metaverse as another iteration of the time they are spending online. However, in many cases, the metaverse is a gateway to new experiences, including sitting against the glass at a playoff game, experiencing a celebrity-level luxury resort or even visiting our most distant solar systems.
With virtual reality (VR) development well underway, it is only a matter of time before these experiences previously unavailable to the average person become a reality. 

The Nemesis has emerged as the solution to deliver these experiences, available not only on desktop but on mobile too, both iOS and Android. With their platform, users are given a glimpse of how the web is believed to evolve in the coming years.

The project has since become recognized for its ability to bring together virtual reality in a simple and immersive experience. Encompassing several different realities, varying from a cityscape to a SciFi district, The Nemesis has made it its aim to go head to head against some of the biggest players in the industry.

One of the platform’s main goals is to provide entertaining experiences through gamification, with gameplays, challenges, prizes and many more.

Most recently, the platform has received limelight recognition for being the first metaverse in which a Lega football match was broadcast. Although just one example, The Nemesis, demonstrates the application of what is possible with quality technology and partnerships with teams like Consensys.

Introducing season one

The Nemesis resulted from a four-year effort in stealth mode, with the intent to build something robust and stable.

With the project already being usable on web and mobile versions, users can now access the flagship asset of the first season, known as the Companion. The Companion comprises 8000 unique NFTs, which include a collection of futuristic digital collectibles on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, brought to life on The Nemesis platform.

By holding these assets, players have the opportunity to play and level up the in-game experience and entitle owners to reserve the right to own land. 

Although Companions exist separate from land assets, they provide functional land reservation access.

Each of these assets exists as a collectible ERC-721 NFT and offers users benefits, including immediate access to booking and access to the presale before the official launch with a 50% discount on land, along with pre-emption rights on the purchase of presale lands, all of which are already live and available right now.


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As with any virtual world, The Nemesis ecosystem is based on land plots. In The Nemesis ecosystem, plots are a 5x5 unit NFT ERC-721 with different matrices and different fillers on which a 3D set is applied to create a metaverse. The creators will be able to design their own 3D ambiances and custom metaverses on their lands.

The platform has just come out of early access and became available for participation, which was announced during the NFC in Lisbon.

The Nemesis also made announcements for additional planned appearances, including Cannes Film Festival, Piazza di Siena and Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco, alongside its presence in New York City as a Platinum Sponsor of, one of the most important conferences of the year in the blockchain world.

Setting firsts in the metaverse

Throughout the project, the team reports success with partnerships in the ConsenSys for Lega Serie A, a first match broadcast in the metaverse and over one million raised with the first NFT collection companions, with many developments still underway.

In response to future efforts, Alessandro De Grandi, the founder and CEO at The Nemesis, shares, “large investments in marketing and communications are planned with top international influencers in the crypto and mass-market world and participation in the most important international events of relevance for the sector.”

The team also indicates that their token launch and land release are on the roadmap for the next few months.  - Cointelegraph

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