Elon Musk claims that Twitter has a 'dick pic bot' that scours the platform for posts with inappropriate content

Elon Musk claims that Twitter has a 'dick pic bot' that scours the platform for posts with inappropriate content

According to a remark by the social media company's owner, Elon Musk, Twitter employs a "dick pic bot" that scours the platform for inappropriate content.

The billionaire referenced the alleged tool in a Sunday evening tweet in response to a question from @libsoftiktok regarding whether the platform was subtly limiting their postings.

Musk responded, "Your account was flagged as NSFW on June 26 by our dick pic bot because you posted nudity from Pride parades." "Corrective action consists of labeling individual posts as NSFW as opposed to the entire account." Should be repaired immediately"

Musk later added that the AI occasionally misidentifies rocket images as phalluses. "Which is obviously insane," he added.

According to the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the detector identifies more posts containing male genitalia than female genitalia.


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The full capabilities and scope of the bot are not readily apparent. Given Musk's propensity for joking on Twitter, it is also unclear whether the detector actually exists.

Additionally, the entrepreneur proposed the moniker "hotdog detector" for the detection device.

Twitter prohibits non-consensual nudity, as well as images that use deepfake technology to superimpose a visage onto a nude body. However, it does not prohibit "pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content," as long as "media is marked as sensitive," according to the platform's policy FAQ.

"If you don't mark your media as sensitive, we may do so manually if your content is reported for review," the FAQ states.

The platform added that accounts that violate Twitter's nudity policies will be "immediately and permanently" suspended.

Outside of normal business hours, Musk and Twitter did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment sent to them.

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